Medical Medications


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Patient Medications

Optimized for Community Health

The AXEIUM Prescription Writer is designed for community health, where over time multiple providers typically attend to the same patient.  This highy-optimized workflow is underpinned by the Lexicomp drug database and allows the prescriber to personalize his workflow with on-the-fly, prescription defaults and customizable views of the patient's prescription history, including automatic date time stamps for each prescription event.

Surescripts ePrescribe Certified

Utilizing the eRx refill workflow, a prescriber can follow a link from their dashboard directly to the refill request queue.  During refill processing the Provider can drill into the full patient history, and approve or deny requests, including generating on-the-fly tasks to the front desk or a medical assistant, e.g., to request that the patient come in for a visit.

ONC 2014 EHR Certified

Certified for meaningful use phase 2 (2014 Edition), the medication module includes multiple sources of patient education, automatic drug-to-drug and drug-to-med allergy check, on/off-formulary notification, import and export via CCD document with imported meds reconciliation.

AXEIUM surescripts certified ePrescribe new Rx workflow