Service Matters

Customer Service

Full Service System Administration Included   We do the Heavy Lifting

Just as it should be - a system that is delivered to you, full service, with
    no on-site administration required ...

Your mission is to provide medical services, and ours is help you do that without the daily hassle of system administration.  Whether you need a custom report for tomorrow's grant report deadline; a new user or security role; or just a reminder how to run the annual OSHPD report, we are there for you 24x7 ... business as usual.

always a pleasure, never a chore

Telephone Support

Regular business hours, any question, as many as you like - no holds barred.
We are here to help.

Email Support

24x7 - Woke up at 3AM with a great idea?
Ping us ... we are probably still online :-)


On-site or webex, new employees, or just a refresher.
Our pleasure.

Grant Reports

Need a quick report?
Custom queries delivered to your doorstep, usually in less than 24 hours.

Quarterly Checkups

Your patients get scheduled checkups ...   why not your system?
Preventative maintenance ... with no deductible.

Save Money

Wow.   No on-site admin expense!
That means more resources are now available for clinical services.