Electronic Health Information Export

EHI Export functionality allows system users to manually initiate an export of health data for one or more patients. The referenced schema identifies the structure and syntax of the EHI export functionality. If you need assistance, please contact Customer Support.

The EHI Tables export contains the electronic health information available in a patient's record in a computable, tab-separated, file format the record layout for which is native to AXEIUM.   Refer to the EHI Table schema for more information about the data included in each of the tables in the export. Some electronic health information might not be available in a table format, such as rich text documents or images. This information might be referenced from the EHI Tables, but the actual files can be reviewed in a separate download in the export.

The content included in the export can vary based on a variety of factors, including:

  • The software applications in use at the health system that generated the files.
  • The software version in use at the health system that generated the files.
  • The health system including materials not sourced from AXEIUM.
  • Configuration decisions made by the health system that generated the files.