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Our goal is to provide you with unparalleled attention to detail, uniqueness of design, and prompt support for your wide range of clinical and administrative needs.   At the end of the day, our barrometer of success is based on the comments we receive from our happy users.

What User’s Say ...

The implementation and support that we received has made the transition to Electronic Health Records painless.   Our staff are constantly commenting on how easy it is now to access client records and how using electronic health records has saved them time and simplified the exam process.   AXEIUM is user friendly and intuitive, which helps with the learning curve of an EHR.   We are convinced that we will continue see improvements in productivity over time with the easy-to-use exams that have been created for our Behavioral Health services.

Cinthya Islas, Director Behavioral HealthThe Gary Center

What makes AXEIUM so good is the active participation of health center professionals in the design of virtually every feature.

Raymond Casciari, MD & CMOSt Joseph Hospital of Orange

Interestingly enough, I've spent some time looking at an EHR for an ophthalmologist in Newport Beach who is expanding her practice and I'm telling you that the comparison of ease of use is mind-boggling.   No wonder physicians are complaining all the time.   I mentioned to one of her techs how user friendly "my" system is, however, it’s hard to talk to someone who just shelled out a ton of money for a deficient system.

Jay Rofsky, ODPuente Mobile Vision

The time savings we are getting since we moved to AXEIUM is significant.   We are flexing off about 60 hours of staff every two weeks and they are still getting their work done, and they all say it is a much more efficient system!   Our month-end close is smoother and we all leave with smiles. That is a big deal! The Easy button is working really well.

Carol Schoger, BS, RN, BCCHOC Childrens

Oh, doesn't that look nice!   It keeps the information together with the drug.   Thank you so much and my patients are especially thankful for your patience and service!

Janet Hildebrand, Family Nurse PractionerSt Joseph Community Health

Many thanks for all of your help.   These clinical measures are of the utmost importance for our FQHC application.   I feel that the data we’ve come up with is an accurate reflection of our current efforts in these clinical areas.   Thanks again for helping us pull all this together.

Randy Smith, Program ManagerCamino Health Center

This is perfect!   I really appreciate how quickly you got this to me!   Now I can finish off the report and not have it hanging over my head during the thanksgiving holiday :-)   Have a nice thanksgiving.

Mary Herrera, Program ManageLestonnac Free Clinic

In the past year, we have been able to convert from paper and fax-based prescription prescribing to direct electronic prescriptions.   In addition, we have become able to more directly control and monitor our patients’ referrals to Lestonnac Free Clinic and the Access OC surgical program using the integrated AXEIUM Referral Service.   We have also finally been able to convert to a completely electronic workflow, and move our paper charts out of the clinic, making space for other functions.

Grainne McEvoy MD, Medical DirectorLa Amistad Family Health Center

Developed with guidance from a multi-diciplinary task force that included users from virutally every community clinic in Orange County, AXEIUM is the ‘go-to’ EHR for community health for so many reasons, but just to name a few:   it includes modules for all the business lines;   is super easy to use;   has all the state and federal reporting requirements built in;   can be configured for nearly any workflow you can imagine;   will notify you of patient health conditions and program eligibility;   has no pesky limits on the number of providers;   and system support is over the top outstanding.

At LFC we have connected all of our clinics in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties, as well, we have full integration into the Orange County Community Referral Network, which has facilitated over 10,000 referrals in the last two years by and between 20+ clinics and 3 hospitals.

Ed Gerber, Executive DirectorLestonnac Free Clinic

If you represent a Community Clinic and are looking for a EHR System for your Medical, Dental, and/or Vision services, it is worth exploring what Axeium has to offer.  It is a pleasure working with the AXEIUM team; their commitment to excellence, responsiveness and hard work are noteworthy and commendable.  Their ability to understand your needs and customize features to suit your practice makes Axeium a very unique software program that is constantly evolving to better serve the needs of community health.

Rajini Moudgalya, DDSSt Jude Neighborhood Health Centers