Create Referrals

Referral Types

  Clinic to Clinic list specialty care, clinical referral categories

  Nonprofit to Nonprofit list of Social Services, nonprofit referrals

  Hospital to Clinic  

  Clinic to Surgery Waitlist list of Social Services, nonprofit referrals

  Doctor to Doctor  

Community Referral Network - Outbound Referrals

Closed Loop referral process generates opt-in notification events, e.g., when a referral is created, updated, or completed ...
    you've got mail!

Community Development

A data driven, best-in-class system with a robust interface that is easy to use! The system was developed with the full involvement of clinical management, specialty care providers and clinicians - every aspect of the referral process has been vetted and field tested to minimize the time and effort required to create and manage referrals, with an eye toward structured data capture to maximize the reporting capabilities.

Launched in January 2014, the Orange County Community Referral Network has recorded an average of 21 new referrals a day, across more than a hundred active users ...   it just works!