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By now we are all aware of the many benefits of using an EHR: Providing ... Enabling ... Securing ... Helping ... Improving and Enhancing  virtually every aspect of a medical encounter but all those wonderful adverbs typically come at the expense of productivity ... until now.

With the AXEIUM exam builder, you get your workflow, your way - and you can do it yourself...  Flexible exam templates let you control every aspect of your exam, including the ability to set default values and add custom help to keep everybody on the same page.   you decide on the sequence and layout;   what items you want on what tabs;   how to group your items;   textboxes, checkboxes or radio buttons;   horizontal or vertical orientation;   required or optional;   default values, if any ...

Policy Enforcement

If your quality department requires that a medication or allergy review is a required exam component, we have you covered there too.   Current options include verifying that a medication review has been completed before allowing a new prescription, verifying that the provider has checked medical allergies, alerts and all items listed on the health maintenance schedule, as well, notifying the provider if the annual assessment is due.