Receive Referrals

Referral Types

  Clinic to Clinic list specialty care, clinical referral categories

  Nonprofit to Nonprofit list of Social Services, nonprofit referrals

  Hospital to Clinic  

  Clinic to Surgery Waitlist list of Social Services, nonprofit referrals

  Doctor to Doctor  

Community Referral Network - Inbound Referrals

The same system you use to create referrals, can also be used to receive referrals, and has all the features you need to get the job done.

  • Easy, one-click configuration to set payers and specialties accepted by your facility
  • Option to restrict referral origination to just your partner facilities
  • Simple, clean and easy user interface, requires minimal, if any training
  • Receiving facilities can post documents and guidance for review by referrers, e.g., consent forms or evaluation criteria
  • Grid layout and screen size preferences saved for each user
  • All data grids have built-in filter bar and export to Excel option
  • Built-in document viewers means you can review attachments quickly without having to open each one, one-by-one
  • Extensible framework can be integrated into Clinic’s/Hospital’s EHR via web services to facilitate automatic document transfer and notification

New Service Announcement

System messages and new service offerings can be displayed at login.

Real-time Workflow

You can follow the activity against a referral from cradle to grave, as well, receiving facilities can set up their own workflow end points.

Notification Services

Your clients are notified at each step in the process...