Hospital Referrals

14% - 27% of ED vists can be diverted - saving significant time and money

58% - 82% of pediatric ED visits are nonurgent conditions

The concept of "triaging out" must be replaced with the concept of "triaging to"

Community Referral Network - Hospital Outbound Referrals

Hospital to Community Health Center referrals are a win-win proposition. Your patients develop a medical home and do not have long waits in the emergency room for typically routine primary care services.   For those Safety Net patients that are admitted, their discharge follow-up can be directed to a CHC.  For those patients that present without emergent conditions, emergency department diversion can be accomplished by giving the patient an appointment at a CHC partner.

Create a Patient Medical Home

Much of our underserved population does not have a medical home, or a doctor’s office where they go for regular care, which means that they turn to hospital emergency departments for all of their health care needs.
While emergency departments provide excellent care when someone is critically ill, they are not designed to help people stay healthy throughout their lives.

Through collaboration with local hospitals, a community health referral program has emerged as one of the nation’s most innovative approaches to increase access to primary care for all residents.

collaboration is the key to better health care for all people
  • EASY AS 1, 2, 3 - Simple, clean and easy user interface, requires minimal, if any training
  • EXTENSIBLE - Framework can be integrated into your hospital’s EHR via web services to facilitate automatic document transfer and notification
  • COLLABORATION GROUPS - Option to restrict referrals to just your partner facilities

Emergency Department Diversion & Discharge Follow-Up

After initial exam, schedule an appointment for nonemergent patients with your partner CHC at time of discharge or diversion.

Discharge Follow-Up Services

Print the patient referral form.