AXEIUM Referral System for Orange County, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Diego counties

* If you are an Orange County, CA based NPO, thanks to ongoing contributions from Kaiser Permanente, the Orange County Community Foundation, the Coalition of Orange County Community Health Centers, and the Orange County Health Care agency

... your license & setup are FREE

Sponsored By:

AXEIUM REFERRAL SERVICE sponsored by Orange County Community Foundation

AXEIUM REFERRAL SERVICE sponsored by Kaiser Permanente

AXEIUM REFERRAL SERVICE sponsored by the Coalition Orange County of Communinty Clinics and Healthcenters

AXEIUM REFERRAL SERVICE sponsored by the Orange County Healthcare Agency (WPC) Whole Person Care pilot program

AXEIUM Referral System (ARS) Pricing

Facility Type Item Rate Types
Health Center Create
FREE Clinical, Social Service, Consult, Surgery Waitlist, Clinical Trial
Clinical, Social Service, Consult
Nonprofit Create or Receive FREE Social Service
Surgery Center Receive FREE Clinical
Hospital Create inquire Clinical ED Discharge
Hospital Create inquire Clinical ED Diversion
Hospital Create FREE Social Service
CRO Receive inquire Clinical Trial

Widely available in Orange County, CA since January 2014, and currently expanding into Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties, the COMMUNITY REFERRAL NETWORK is a collaborative program to connect health centers, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations.

Notes & Disclaimers

  1. you may be eligible for a discount if you are a member of a community benefit organization.
  2. there is a one-time license and setup fee of $100*
  3. prices subject to change without notice.