Medical Vitals Collection


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Vitals Collection

Vitals Collection - Quick is Good ...

The typical exam workflow starts with the medical assistant recording the vitals before they room the patient.  To improve the work flow, AXEIUM allows the office manager to indicate which MA's are assigned to which providers at the start of the day, then when the front desk checks-in a patient the MA's queue is automatically updated, and the process is ready to begin.  When vitals are complete, the exam workflow is updated with a 'vitals complete' icon so the provider can tell at a glance which patients are roomed and ready.

Last 6 Vitals at a Glance

In addition to the typical and meaningful use required measures and features, to help distinguish patients with white coat hypertension AXEIUM includes a second blood pressure measure.

  • Time of last update is prominently displayed
  • Collect in metric or imperial measure, conversion is automatic
  • Collect a second blood pressure reading
  • Meaningful use smoking status
  • Option to indicate that patient refuses or is unable to comply
  • Chief complaint is copied in from the appointment, with opportunity to update
  • BMI is automatically calculated, color coded, and classified according to national tables

Female Health, and who did it ...

Quickly copy in the last values for female health measures, update only when necessary.  Quick audit display lists who collected the measures, when, and the source of the measure.

Quick Chart

Just mouse over the measure to get a quick visual of the measures' change over time ...