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AXEIUM Large Format Patient Room Display Monitor

AXEIUM General Medical Practice

It's your choice.   If you are ready for an all electronic, paperless workflow, we can make that happen, but if you are still more comfortable with paper charts that is okay too, as well any combination thereof.   The bottom line is that AXEIUM has all the modules you need for Community Health built in, under one roof.   No finger pointing ...   It just works.

Highlights include: user-customizable, template driven electronic exams, prescription writer with eRx and eRefill capability and optional med review quality policy, lab interfaces for order entry and results, inbound and outbound referrals, medical conditions, drug allergies, immunizations, CLIA tests, electronic document repository, a large format, high-visibility patient room monitor, patient health reminders, chronic disease management, forms library, education library, clinical decision support, paper or electronic billing, statistical queries, custom queries, view based queries, a built-in enterprise-class report writer, and canned reports for the boring stuff like receipts, accounts receivable and end of day reports, and end of year reports, e.g., OSHPD and UDS ... oh, and more.  much, much more.

AXEIUM Dental Practice, St Jude Neighborhood Health Center Dental Exam


Vitals Collection

Vitals Collection - Quick is Good ...

The typical exam workflow starts with the medical assistant recording the vitals before they room the patient.  To improve the work flow, AXEIUM allows the office manager to indicate which MA's are assigned to which providers at the start of the day, then when the front desk checks-in a patient the MA's queue is automatically updated, and the process is ready to begin.  When vitals are complete, the exam workflow is updated with a 'vitals complete' icon so the provider can tell at a glance which patients are roomed and ready.

Last 6 Vitals at a Glance

In addition to the typical and meaningful use required measures and features, to help distinguish patients with white coat hypertension AXEIUM includes a second blood pressure measure.

  • Time of last update is prominently displayed
  • Collect in metric or imperial measure, conversion is automatic
  • Collect a second blood pressure reading
  • Meaningful use smoking status
  • Option to indicate that patient refuses or is unable to comply
  • Chief complaint is copied in from the appointment, with opportunity to update
  • BMI is automatically calculated, color coded, and classified according to national tables

Female Health, and who did it ...

Quickly copy in the last values for female health measures, update only when necessary.  Quick audit display lists who collected the measures, when, and the source of the measure.

Quick Chart

Just mouse over the measure to get a quick visual of the measures' change over time ...


EHR Exam

Your Exam, Your Way

By now we are all aware of the many benefits of using an EHR: Providing ... Enabling ... Securing ... Helping ... Improving and Enhancing  virtually every aspect of a medical encounter but all those wonderful adverbs typically come at the expense of productivity ... until now.

With the AXEIUM exam builder, you get your workflow, your way - and you can do it yourself...  Flexible exam templates let you control every aspect of your exam, including the ability to set default values and add custom help to keep everybody on the same page.   you decide on the sequence and layout;   what items you want on what tabs;   how to group your items;   textboxes, checkboxes or radio buttons;   horizontal or vertical orientation;   required or optional;   default values, if any ...

Policy Enforcement

If your quality department requires that a medication or allergy review is a required exam component, we have you covered there too.   Current options include verifying that a medication review has been completed before allowing a new prescription, verifying that the provider has checked medical allergies, alerts and all items listed on the health maintenance schedule, as well, notifying the provider if the annual assessment is due.


Medical Conditions

aka, the Problem List

Structured data from the 6000+ list of ONC approved Snomed clinical conditions at your finger tips.   Just start typing and the list auto-filters for a quick selection, but even better, the internal ICD 9/10 to Snomed cross reference will automatically propose the medical condition based on your selected Dx code(s), date and time stamp your entry, and give you the opportunity to make additional notes and adjust the severity ... if necessary.

ONC meaningful use Snomed medical conditions

and, Clinical Decision Support  * alerts *

Optionally, you can define CDS rules that will fire when a problem is added, e.g., you could build a rule to alert the provider based on a medical condition, and/or a combination of other factors including demographics, medications, lab results, and medication allergies.

and Unstructured Items, too ...

Because you may also want to enter problems that are not medical conditions, e.g., social issues, hospitalizations, or just plain 'other', you can ...

AXEIUM screenshot, medical conditions, problem list


Patient Medications

Optimized for Community Health

The AXEIUM Prescription Writer is designed for community health, where over time multiple providers typically attend to the same patient.  This highy-optimized workflow is underpinned by the Lexicomp drug database and allows the prescriber to personalize his workflow with on-the-fly, prescription defaults and customizable views of the patient's prescription history, including automatic date time stamps for each prescription event.

Surescripts ePrescribe Certified

Utilizing the eRx refill workflow, a prescriber can follow a link from their dashboard directly to the refill request queue.  During refill processing the Provider can drill into the full patient history, and approve or deny requests, including generating on-the-fly tasks to the front desk or a medical assistant, e.g., to request that the patient come in for a visit.

ONC 2014 EHR Certified

Certified for meaningful use phase 2 (2014 Edition), the medication module includes multiple sources of patient education, automatic drug-to-drug and drug-to-med allergy check, on/off-formulary notification, import and export via CCD document with imported meds reconciliation.

AXEIUM surescripts certified ePrescribe new Rx workflow


Labs & Lab Interfaces

Orders and Results

A fully integrated lab orders and results interface with clinical workflow that supports ask-on-entry, automatic send, and automatic results checking.  Results are auto-matched to patients, and when clearing the result queue, staff can link a lab with abnormal results to a provider notification.

On-the-fly Lab Result Graphs

Would a graph of the patient's lab results be a helpful visual?  Just filter down to the desired lab, right click, and you got it.

Consistent Lab Report Presentation

Regardles of lab source, your result data is formatted into a common report layout for consistency.  Of course, the original lab's pdf report is only a mouse-click away ...



Drug and Drug-Class Allergy

The full list of ONC approved RxNorm drug and drug-class codes at your finger tips.  Just start typing and the list auto-filters for a quick selection.  If you know the complete drug, e.g., Penicillin V Sodium, you can select it, otherwise, just pick the drug class as allergies are based on ingredients.  The system will date and time stamp your entry, and give you the opportunity to make additional notes and adjust the severity ... if necessary.

ONC meaningful use Snomed medical conditions

and, Clinical Decision Support  * alerts *

Optionally, you can define CDS rules that will fire when an allergy is added, e.g., you could build a rule to alert the provider based on a drug allergy, and/or a combination of other factors including demographics, medications, lab results, and medical conditions.

and Unstructured Items, like Food Allergies, too ...

Because you may also want to enter allergies that are not on the offical list, e.g., food, or 'other', you can ...


Immunizations & Injections

Optimized for Community Health

Record immunizations given as well those refused;  who ordered and who administered;  when and where, as well, any reactions.  Provider immunization orders pull to the medical assistant's work queue, and you control all the drop down list content which gives you the ability to quickly add new injections, and/or to optimize the workflow to your practice.

Print VIS in your Patient's Language

Because AXEIUM knows your patient's language, the system defaults to the correct Vaccine Information Statement.

Transmission to Immunization Registry

If and when you ever need to do this, we have you covered.   Certified to ONC meaningful use 2014 requirements, AXEIUM captures all the information and codes necessary to transmit the required HL7-formatted electronic immunization record.


Surveys and Assessments

Virtually Unlimited Flexibility

Annual exam?  Diabetic follow-up?  Cancer screening?  Education Assessment?  Your questions, your way ...  Utilizing AXEIUM's survey builder, you can quickly convert any paper-based survey or assessment into an electronic form and incorporate it into your visit or case manager work flow.


SOAP & Progress Notes

Good Design Increases Productivity

For the most efficient workflow possible, all elements of your electronic exam automatically pull to your Progress Note.  The design goal of a high-productivity exam will emphasize more structured data controls - with radio button and check box options, and have fewer text boxes.  Besides just being faster, the use of structured data facilitates down-stream reporting that is otherwise not practical with unstructured data.

AXEIUM SOAP Note Example from St Joseph Hospital Community Clinic


Health Maintenance Schedule

Rules-Based Health Maintenance Policy Engine

If you already have, or would like to implement health maintenance policies - we have you covered.  The AXEIUM rules-based health policy engine will alert your providers to any condition or combination of conditions, based on actual data over time.  Set up Annual Exam reminders,   Disease specific protocols,   Recurring labs - you are only limited by your imagination.


Grant Reporting

Powerful, Flexible, Fast & E-A-S-Y

As systems gets more complex, invariably, so does reporting from them.  It goes without saying that major healthcare organizations all have dedicated reporting staff that learn the data architecture and local usage nuances, but that fact is just a pleasant fantasy in Community Healthcare where the burden of grant reporting falls to the office manager.   So now, in addition to a fully embedded enterprise report writer, canned reports, and custom queries, AXEIUM introduces ... a new way to make reporting easier

Using this tool you can pick the columns you need, apply your filters, and quickly pull the numbers and lists you need for your grant applications and reports.

View, Print, Save ... Export to Excel

From a pre-built view, users can quickly select columns of interest and "filter down" to the data they need, and the result can be exported to to Excel for further manipulation and/or styling.

Public, Private ... or Shared

Once built, a saved report can be shared with others.  As a reporting administrator, you can publish public reports, which others can copy, modify and create new variants; and as an individual contributor, you can choose to share your work with others.


Patient Demographics

Quickly Find Your Patients

Designed to help you avoid duplicates, you can quickly search for a patient with your powerful patient finder.  Typically, searching by DOB is the fastest way to generate a short list, but you can search on any column, or combination thereof.  In fact, patient search is so powerful, it actually doubles as a quick query tool!

Mandatory Fields

To ensure quality reporting for OSHPD and UDS, you can configure your minimum required fields to create an appointment, then the front-desk can complete the chart when the patient presents for check-in.

Designed for Community Health

All the fields to you need to track your patients and to ensure that you can run grant and year-end reports with all the measures required.  Additionally, you can let the system auto-assign chart numbers, or you can take full control of your numbering.

  • spoken and written language
  • race and ethnicity
  • smoking status
  • unlimited phone and address
  • DIRECT address
  • unlimited family members, and family history
  • employment and federal poverty scale
  • unlimited locally defined programs
  • unlimited insurance, and monthly EVC number


Electronic Documents

Paperless Chart

At the heart of an EHR system lies the notion of a fully-electronic workflow and a paperless chart. And while AXEIUM captures the majority of your encounter's information as structured data, an office visit might still generate some paper - and that paper needs to be stored in your patient's electronic chart.

Scan, Catalog & Route

eDoc repository features:

  • give your docs a user-friendly name
  • 3 levels of user-defined classification to help you keep your documents organized
  • the option to create a task assigment to effectivly route a document for internal review
  • batch scanning capability
  • support for multiple scanner queues
  • direct attachment to Referrals and Lab Results
  • built in viewers for common document and image types
  • multiple monitor support - open your documents on a separate monitor for side-by-side review


Exam Drawings

Drawing and Annotations

Upload your favorite practice-specific templates, or annotate directly on imported pictures.