Medical Problem List


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Medical Conditions

aka, the Problem List

Structured data from the 6000+ list of ONC approved Snomed clinical conditions at your finger tips.   Just start typing and the list auto-filters for a quick selection, but even better, the internal ICD 9/10 to Snomed cross reference will automatically propose the medical condition based on your selected Dx code(s), date and time stamp your entry, and give you the opportunity to make additional notes and adjust the severity ... if necessary.

ONC meaningful use Snomed medical conditions

and, Clinical Decision Support  * alerts *

Optionally, you can define CDS rules that will fire when a problem is added, e.g., you could build a rule to alert the provider based on a medical condition, and/or a combination of other factors including demographics, medications, lab results, and medication allergies.

and Unstructured Items, too ...

Because you may also want to enter problems that are not medical conditions, e.g., social issues, hospitalizations, or just plain 'other', you can ...

AXEIUM screenshot, medical conditions, problem list