Behavioral Health

AXEIUM The Gary Center Behavioral Health Counseling Session

AXEIUM Behavioral Health

Customizable SIRP workflow, assessments, group classes, treatment plan, supervisor review ... and more.



Assessment Scheduler

Better than a string around your finger, you can set a schedule policy for your assessment reminders, which will display both during patient check-in at the front desk so they can print on demand, as well, they will appear on the Patient Alert toolbar - so that providers can see at a glance that an assessment is now due ...

Forms Library

For your convenience, assessments can be stored in your electronic forms library.   Print assessments for your patient to complete ...

Assessment Scoring

When done, record their score.


Behavioral Health Exam - Intake Process

Intake Forms Library

A typical set of behavioral health sessions includes one or more intake forms ... some at inception, some at each visit.  Your forms can be filled in using Microsoft Office integration, and when completed they are saved directly into your patient's eDocs folder.  For efficiency, your forms are pre-loaded with known information to save you time, e.g., Patient Name, Counselor Name, Visit Date, Chart Number, etc.


Behavioral Health Exam - SIRP

Situation Intervention Response Plan

Keeping in mind that YOUR exam templates are fully configurable, perhaps an existing template will help jump-start the process. Use or modify an existing template, or build a new one from scratch.  Either way is quick and easy.

Chances are you will find something you like, and your behavioral health exam might start like this too ...

When done, your behavior exam SIRP note is automatically created from exam data, and stored in the patient's elecronic chart.


Behavioral Health Exam - Plan

The "P" in S-I-R-P

Of course, before you finalize and lock your exam, the shortcut buttons on the Plan tab will help you to quickly add:

  • Patient Education
  • Referrals
  • Treatment Plan
  • Dx Codes


Treatment Plan


Layout your long terms goals, as many as you need, then document your actions to accomplish those goals ...

hard Copy

Print the Treatment Plan for client signature...


Grant Reporting

Powerful, Flexible, Fast & E-A-S-Y

As systems gets more complex, invariably, so does reporting from them.  It goes without saying that major healthcare organizations all have dedicated reporting staff that learn the data architecture and local usage nuances, but that fact is just a pleasant fantasy in Community Healthcare where the burden of grant reporting falls to the office manager.   So now, in addition to a fully embedded enterprise report writer, canned reports, and custom queries, AXEIUM introduces ... a new way to make reporting easier

Using this tool you can pick the columns you need, apply your filters, and quickly pull the numbers and lists you need for your grant applications and reports.

View, Print, Save ... Export to Excel

From a pre-built view, users can quickly select columns of interest and "filter down" to the data they need, and the result can be exported to to Excel for further manipulation and/or styling.

Public, Private ... or Shared

Once built, a saved report can be shared with others.  As a reporting administrator, you can publish public reports, which others can copy, modify and create new variants; and as an individual contributor, you can choose to share your work with others.


Electronic Documents

Paperless Chart

At the heart of an EHR system lies the notion of a fully-electronic workflow and a paperless chart. And while AXEIUM captures the majority of your encounter's information as structured data, an office visit might still generate some paper - and that paper needs to be stored in your patient's electronic chart.

Scan, Catalog & Route

eDoc repository features:

  • give your docs a user-friendly name
  • 3 levels of user-defined classification to help you keep your documents organized
  • the option to create a task assigment to effectivly route a document for internal review
  • batch scanning capability
  • support for multiple scanner queues
  • direct attachment to Referrals and Lab Results
  • built in viewers for common document and image types
  • multiple monitor support - open your documents on a separate monitor for side-by-side review


Surescripts Certified Prescription Routing

ePrescribe - Optimized for Community Health

Designed for community health, where over time multiple providers may attend to the same patient, this highy-optimized prescription and routing workflow is underpinned by the Lexicomp drug database and allows the prescriber to personalize his workflow with on-the-fly, prescription defaults and customizable views of the patient's prescription history, including automatic date time stamps for each prescription event.

AXEIUM surescripts certified ePrescribe new Rx workflow