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A certified EHR with a full paperless workflow that includes dental charting, odontograms, periodontal probe, treatment plans, tmj, digital radiography interfaces, and fully integrated planned-to-completed workflow with automatic coding... and all the trimmings needed to provide an all-inclusive solution for our health centers that include a dental practice, e.g., patient assessments, surveys, health conditions, notes, call logs, letters, ticklers, alerts, scanned document repository, medication history and ePrescribe, allergies, problem list, labs, referrals, population health management, report writer, user views, queries, form library, clinical decision support, and, yes ... even more.

AXEIUM Dental Practice, St Jude Neighborhood Health Center Dental Exam

AXEIUM is everything the ADA recommends, and more...

Potential Benefits & Improved Efficiency

EHR systems offer the potential to improve care quality and patient safety by enhancing both the quantity and quality of information available to providers for decision making.  An EHR system's ability to capture detailed clinical information in a highly structured manner can enable analysis for quality assessment, identification of areas for improvement, and the design of decision support tools like allergy alerts, medication alerts, and other prompts.

Prior to a patient visit, a dental practice's staff could use an EHR to manage scheduling of patients, staff, and resources.  They could also perform practice management tasks such as patient registration and inquiring about insurance status.  In addition, the EHR might be able to import and display relevant information obtained from another dentist, dental specialist, primary care physician or other health care provider, such as health history, health problems, and medication lists. Someone important at

Sure, but what about Community Health?

Yes, AXEIUM captures your input as structured data, and has decision support, and it has all the 'basic' efficiency opportunities suggested by the ADA, yet AXEUIM also has a highly-optimized and fully-integrated workflow that is specifically designed for a Community Health dental practice, and captures all the clinical information you need for your grant reports, and even better, your annual state or federal reporting requirements, e.g., OSHPD and FQHC UDS reports are just one click away.

No Fear

Making changes to your workflow and templates is a breeze. The easy-to-use maintenance tree lets you add items, change location, values, controls, required fields, and help messages ... easy-peazy.

AXEIUM EHR Maintenance Utility


OK, but what about Meaningful Use Incentives?

As a Certified Health IT product, AXEIUM EHR enables eligible dentists to qualify for incentive payments under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009.  Acquiring certified software, and using it in a meaningful way, will allow some providers to receive incentive payments from the government over a number of years.  Most general dental providers will likely not qualify for government incentives, as these incentives typically apply to medical providers.  Dentists who see at least 30% Medicaid patients may qualify. See EHR Incentive Programs for more information on Meaningful Use and specific qualification criteria.


Dental EHR -Tooth Chart

Chart Existing Conditions & Planned Work

Paperless charting tailored to your practice ...
 User-configurable QuickChart buttons enable you to set up your charting screen to match your workflow, and quickly switch between existing and planned work, which is color coded to industry standards.  Graphic tooth surface picker pops up automatically if you pick work that has surfaces, e.g., amalgam.

Planned Work Converts to Existing

When you check-off planned work on the 'Work Done Today' screen, the work status is automatically changed and you have a life-to-date work history for each tooth, including provider and date completed.


Dental EHR - Periodontal Chart

Chart Periodontal Probe Depth

Electronic probe depth charting that can keep up with the speed of callout!

Select your movement flow to match your dentist's preference, and just start keying.  Workflow automatically skips a missing tooth, and highlighted depth is configurable.  Optionally, record mobility, periodontitis, gingivitis, prognosis, and recommendations.


Dental EHR - Treatment Plan

Integrated Treatment Plans

Treatment plans are super fast to build because you can import you planned tooth work, then just add non-chartable items, e.g., E&M codes, x-rays, etc., and you can build as many as you like, and they can have the same planned work items, or not. Your plans, your way...

Planned Work Converts to Done!

When you check-off planned work on the 'Work Done Today' screen, the work status on your linked Treatment Plan is automatically marked as complete.


Dental EHR - Completed Work

Coding is Automatic

As a Provider or Dental Assistant, all you have to do is check-off the planned work items you have completed, add any not-charted items, e.g., x-rays, and you are done!  The system knows what codes go with your completed work, and does all the heavy-lifting for you, and it does not matter whether the billing is patient, Medi-Cal, or FQHC, the system has you covered - move on.

Check-off your Planned Work!

When you check-off planned work on the 'Work Done Today' screen, your closed-loop and fully integrated workflow, will automatically mark complete BOTH your linked Planned Work and linked Treatment Plans.

Custom Superbill

For those items not on your planned work, you can quickly add completed work from your fully-customizalbe electronic superbill, and/or your personal list of common procedures, or ... you can consult the full CDT listing.


Progress Notes

AutoTexts make quick work of repetitive tasks

Even with all the structured data an EHR can muster, because a good progress note is still an industry best practice, AXEIUM allows each user to build and personalize their own list of AutoText phrases and templates, which can be pulled up in list form, or just entered with the hot keys if you remember your codes.  And because you told us that sometimes you want to enter progress notes while in the (P)lan and other times while completing work done today, AXEIUM let's you do both.

View your patients longitudinal history

Sure, you can open each SOAP note, one by one ... or you can just view the patients entire progress note history.  Time is on your side.


Dental Imaging Systems Integration

Automatic Demographic Sync

AXEIUM supports bidirectional interfaces to DEXIS and Planmeca Romexis digital radiography systems, which saves you time at checkin as new patients added to AXEIUM are automatically added to the imaging platform, as well, changes to key demographic data are passed through for automatic update.

Radiography System Integration

Your images are available directly from AXEIUM in the imaging system's native viewer, which can be really convenient when you are not in the treatment room and want to reference the patient's x-rays, or you are a biller and need to attach an image to support a claim.


Grant Reporting

Powerful, Flexible, Fast & E-A-S-Y

As systems gets more complex, invariably, so does reporting from them.  It goes without saying that major healthcare organizations all have dedicated reporting staff that learn the data architecture and local usage nuances, but that fact is just a pleasant fantasy in Community Healthcare where the burden of grant reporting falls to the office manager.   So now, in addition to a fully embedded enterprise report writer, canned reports, and custom queries, AXEIUM introduces ... a new way to make reporting easier

Using this tool you can pick the columns you need, apply your filters, and quickly pull the numbers and lists you need for your grant applications and reports.

View, Print, Save ... Export to Excel

From a pre-built view, users can quickly select columns of interest and "filter down" to the data they need, and the result can be exported to to Excel for further manipulation and/or styling.

Public, Private ... or Shared

Once built, a saved report can be shared with others.  As a reporting administrator, you can publish public reports, which others can copy, modify and create new variants; and as an individual contributor, you can choose to share your work with others.


Electronic Documents

Paperless Chart

At the heart of an EHR system lies the notion of a fully-electronic workflow and a paperless chart. And while AXEIUM captures the majority of your encounter's information as structured data, an office visit might still generate some paper - and that paper needs to be stored in your patient's electronic chart.

Scan, Catalog & Route

eDoc repository features:

  • give your docs a user-friendly name
  • 3 levels of user-defined classification to help you keep your documents organized
  • the option to create a task assigment to effectivly route a document for internal review
  • batch scanning capability
  • support for multiple scanner queues
  • direct attachment to Referrals and Lab Results
  • built in viewers for common document and image types
  • multiple monitor support - open your documents on a separate monitor for side-by-side review


Patient Medications

Optimized for Community Health

The AXEIUM Prescription Writer is designed for community health, where over time multiple providers typically attend to the same patient.  This highy-optimized workflow is underpinned by the Lexicomp drug database and allows the prescriber to personalize his workflow with on-the-fly, prescription defaults and customizable views of the patient's prescription history, including automatic date time stamps for each prescription event.

Surescripts ePrescribe Certified

Utilizing the eRx refill workflow, a prescriber can follow a link from their dashboard directly to the refill request queue.  During refill processing the Provider can drill into the full patient history, and approve or deny requests, including generating on-the-fly tasks to the front desk or a medical assistant, e.g., to request that the patient come in for a visit.

ONC 2014 EHR Certified

Certified for meaningful use phase 2 (2014 Edition), the medication module includes multiple sources of patient education, automatic drug-to-drug and drug-to-med allergy check, on/off-formulary notification, import and export via CCD document with imported meds reconciliation.

AXEIUM surescripts certified ePrescribe new Rx workflow