Certified 2015 Stage 3 EHR

Certifed Healthcare IT

Products can be listed on the ONC Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL) after they have been successfully tested by an ATL and certified by an ONC-ACB. Providers and Hospitals use the CHPL to identify the certified health IT they use and, if necessary generate the CMS EHR Certification ID required for meaningful use attestation.

ONC CERTIFIED HIT® is a registered trademark of HHS.


AXEIUM ONC Stage 3 2015 edition EHR Certification

  • Certification 2015 Edition
  • Classification Modular
  • Practice Type Ambulatory
  • Developer Name Brilogy
  • Product Name AXEIUM
  • Version MU3
  • Certificate No.
  • Certificate Date 12/19/2022
  • Certificate Updated 10/30/23


AXEIUM SLI Certified ONC-ATB 2015 Edition Modular EHR Ambulatory


AXEIUM ONC 2015 Edition Certified Modular EHR Ambulatory - tested by SLI GLOBAL

SLI has been authorized to perform Complete Electronic Health Record (EHR) testing for certification by the US Department of Health and Human Services' Office of the National Coordinator as an Accredited Test Lab (ONC-ATL).

Testing by an ATL will signify to eligible professionals that an EHR technology has the capabilities necessary to support their efforts to meet the goals and objectives of meaningful use.

SLI CERTIFIED® is a registered trademark of Gaming Laboratories International, LLC dba SLI Compliance.


This Modular EHR is 2015 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Please click here for the additional types of costs that a user may expect to incur in the course of implementing and using this Complete EHR’s capabilities, whether to meet meaningful use objectives and measures or to achieve any other use within the scope of the health IT's certification.

For complete information about AXEIUM EHR certification, visit the ONC (CHPL) Certified Health IT Product List.


ONC Certified 2015 Edition

Ambulatory EHR - Modules

170.315(a)(2)   Computerized provider order entry (CPOE) – laboratory
170.315(a)(3)   Computerized provider order entry (CPOE) – diagnostic imaging
170.315(a)(5)   DEMOGRAPHICS
170.315(a)(9)   Clinical decision support (CDS)
170.315(a)(12)   Family health history
170.315(a)(14)   Implantable device list
170.315(b)(1)   Transitions of care (Cures Update)
170.315(b)(2)   Clinical information reconciliation and incorporation (Cures Update)
170.315(b)(10)   Electronic Health Information export
170.315(c)(1)   Clinical quality measures (CQMs) — record and export
170.315(c)(2)   Clinical quality measures (CQMs) — import and calculate
170.315(c)(3)   Clinical quality measures (CQMs) — report (Cures Update)
170.315(d)(1)   Authentication, access control, authorization
170.315(d)(2)   Auditable events and tamper-resistance (Cures Update)
170.315(d)(3)   Audit report(s) (Cures Update)
170.315(d)(4)   Amendments
170.315(d)(5)   Automatic access time-out
170.315(d)(6)   Emergency access
170.315(d)(7)   End-user device encryption
170.315(d)(8)   Integrity
170.315(d)(9)   Trusted connection
170.315(d)(10)   Auditing actions on health information (Cures Update)
170.315(d)(11)   Accounting of disclosures
170.315(d)(12)   Encrypt Authentication Credentials (Cures Update)
170.315(d)(13)   Multi-Factor Authentication (Cures Update)
170.315(e)(1)   View, download, and transmit to 3rd party (Cures Update)
170.315(g)(3)   Safety-enhanced design
170.315(g)(4)   Quality management system
170.315(g)(5)   Accessibility-centered design
170.315(g)(6)   Consolidated CDA creation performance (Cures Update)
170.315(g)(7)   Application access — patient selection
170.315(g)(10)   Standardized API for patient and population services
170.315(g)(9)   Application access — all data request (Cures Update)
170.315(h)(1)   Direct Project


ONC Certified 2015 Edition

Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs)

CMS2   Preventive Care and Screening: Screening for Depression and Follow-Up Plan
Percentage of patients aged 12 years and older screened for clinical depression on the date of the encounter using an age appropriate standardized depression screening tool AND if positive, a follow-up plan is documented on the date of the positive screen.
CMS74   Primary Caries Prevention Intervention as Offered by Primary Care Providers, including Dentists
Percentage of children, age 0-20 years, who received a fluoride varnish application during the measurement period
CMS75   Children Who Have Dental Decay or Cavities
Percentage of children ages 0-20, who have had tooth decay or cavities during the measurement period.
CMS117   Childhood Immunization Status
Percentage of children 2 years of age who had four diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis (DTaP); three polio (IPV), one measles, mumps and rubella (MMR); three H influenza type B (HiB); three hepatitis B (Hep B); one chicken pox (VZV); four pneumococcal conjugate (PCV); one hepatitis A (Hep A); two or three rotavirus (RV); and two influenza (flu) vaccines by their second birthday.
CMS122   Diabetes: Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) Poor Control (> 9%)
Percentage of patients 18-75 years of age with diabetes who had hemoglobin A1c > 9.0% during the measurement period.
CMS124   Cervical Cancer Screening
Percentage of women 21-64 years of age who were screened for cervical cancer using either of the following criteria:
  • Women age 21-64 who had cervical cytology performed every 3 years
  • Women age 30-64 who had cervical cytology/human papillomavirus (HPV) co-testing performed every 5 years
CMS125   Breast Cancer Screening
Percentage of women 50-74 years of age who had a mammogram to screen for breast cancer
CMS165   Controlling High Blood Pressure
Percentage of patients 18-85 years of age who had a diagnosis of hypertension and whose blood pressure was adequately controlled (<140/90mmHg) during the measurement period.


ONC Certified 2015 Edition

Ambulatory EHR - Additional Required Software

Additional software that is relied on to comply with one or more of the certification criteria includes:

Direct Message
(via a web portal provided by MDToolbox that is certified to the Surescripts HISP) Direct Message capability augments other ways (Secure Email, FAX, SMS) of exchanging secure health information over the Internet.
Secure Email
(via web services provided Paubox)
Direct Message capability augments other ways (Secure Email, FAX, SMS) of exchanging secure health information over the Internet.


ONC Certified 2015 Edition

Ambulatory EHR Modules - Costs

Pricing and Disclosures:

Item Description Rate Notes
License Base license fee* $1 Perpetual use license is subject only to timely payment of ongoing monthly fees.
Install Standard installation:

A turn-key installation includes all of your site-specific setup, e.g.,:   all forms configured for autofill and patient electronic signature capture;   electronic superbills and frequently used pick lists for ICD, CPT, CDT, and lab order codes;   all exam templates, autocoding, and workflow;   conversion of clinic-supplied patients and demographic data;   key-user training, and 2-days of on-site go-live support.
* discounted 50% when Medical module is licensed.
Conversion Additional conversion of patients, demographics, visit history, and/or clinical data such as: images, documents, notes ... $0 - $50,000 Additional conversion services beyond the basic conversion included in a Standard Install are provided on a time and materials basis, up to and including a full historical conversion of all data elements in your current system.   Conversion cost varies greatly from site to site, and is largely a function of the effort to pull data from your existing system.
Support & Maintenance Application support, administration, and software maintenance updates* $2/Visit Approximately equal to your visit count, as reported annually on your UDS report, or state equivalent (e.g., OSHPD)
Instances Additional database instances, if necessary 50% Multi-site discount applies.
Remote Support Telephone, email, WebEx Included Includes most services, ranging from basic user setup and password reset to custom queries.
Onsite Support Development and and delivery of custom curriculum $1,400/day, plus travel Train-the-trainer application training is included with every install
Custom Development Site specific modifications and interfaces $225/hour Per work order
Locations Physical or mobile, same service line, or different Included Unlimited
Providers Full time, part time, interns, students ... Included Unlimited


ONC Certified 2015 Edition

Ambulatory EHR - API Documentation

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow direct access to data elements of a patient’s electronic health record to the extent permissible under applicable privacy laws.  Developers can use the AXEIUM APIs to create applications that interact with electronic health data via a RESTful API based on the FHIR standard.

Before you can access patient information you must register to the Clinic's Patient Portal at {domain-url}/#/account
Patient Selection – 45 CFR 170.315(g)(7)
API returns a patient-specific token, which is then used as a parameter when calling the data access endpoints. The account must be setup to have access the patient requested, and First Name, Last Name, and DOB are required. Count Only will only return the count.

FirstName : string (optional)
LastName : string (optional)
DateOfBirth : string format “YYYY-MM-DD” (optional)
Skip : integer – (optional) – default 0
Take : integer – (optional) – default 30
CountOnly : True/False – (optional) – default False

Sample Request
Method: POST
URL: {domain-url}/api/external/pd/v1/patient/search
All Data Request – 45 CFR 170.315(g)(9)
API access to all patient data specified in the Common Clinical Data Set, for a specific date or date range. Note that the PatientId parameter is not required when authenticated as a single patient.  If requesting data for all time pass null or do not specify the StartDate or EndDate parameters. In order to get patient data for a specific date, parameters StartDate and EndDate must be the same.

PatientId : string (optional)
StartDate : string format “YYYY-MM-DD” (optional)
EndDate : string format “YYYY-MM-DD” (optional)

Sample Request:
Method: POST
URL: {domain-url}/api/external/pd/v1/patient/PatientData

Comprehensive Disclosure Statement

Notes & Disclaimers

  1. all implementations are subject to a one-time installation cost and a monthly subscription fee
  2. you may be eligible for discounts based on volume, or if you are a member of participating collective
  3. additional transaction charges may be imposed by 3rd party vendors for optional subscription services, e.g., SMS appointment reminders
  4. an integration fee may apply for each subscribed interface, e.g., labs, dental radiography, retinal image capture, mammography, HIEs, mobile app, etc.
  5. an additional monthly maintenance fee may be required for each subscribed interface
  6. an additional monthly subscription fee is required for each prescriber to formulate and transmit eRx on the Surescripts network
  7. an additional monthly subscription fee is required for each provider subscribed to the Surescripts network for DIRECT messages
  8. an additional monthly subscription fee is required for eVideo, eFax, eSMS, and Secure Email service providers, if these features are subscribed
  9. prices are subject to change without notice

Meaningful Use Disclosures

AXEIUM relies the following additional software to demonstrate compliance as an ONC 2015 certified EHR:

  • MDToolbox provides subscription services to the Surescripts DIRECT Message network,
  • Paubox provides subscription services for secure email.

Transparency Attestation

It is your data that is stored on your servers, and with the exception of third party fees for ePrescribe, DIRECT messaging, secure email, and secure text messaging, an eligible provider should incur no additional costs either to meet supported meaningful use objectives and measures or to achieve any other use within the scope of the Health IT Module’s certification.

To support transparency in the marketplace, Brilogy Corporation will voluntarily and timely provide, in plain writing and in a manner calculated to inform, any part (including all of) the information required to be disclosed under paragraph (k)(1) of § 45 CFR 170.523
(A) to all customers, prior to providing or entering into any agreement to provide any certified health IT or related product or service (including subsequent updates, add-ons, or additional products or services during the course of an on-going agreement);
(B) to any person who requests or receives a quotation, estimate, description of services, or other assertion or information from the developer in connection with any certified health IT or any capabilities thereof; and
(C) to any person, upon request.

Multi-Factor Authentication

The system supports multi-factor authentication when access is requested from a mobile device.