Certified Prescription Routing

Certifed ePrescribe

Certifed vendors and products are listed on the surescripts Certified Provider Software Solutions List of ePrescribing software after they have been successfully tested and certified by Surescripts. ePrescribe is a required component ONC certified, 2014 edition Complete EHR systems.


AXEIUM Scurescripts Certification for Prescription Routing

  • Certification v10.6
  • Classification eRx and eRefill
  • Vendor Name Brilogy
  • Product Name AXEIUM EHR
  • Implementation Guide 05/12/2013


Surescripts Certified Prescription Routing

ePrescribe - Optimized for Community Health

Designed for community health, where over time multiple providers may attend to the same patient, this highy-optimized prescription and routing workflow is underpinned by the Lexicomp drug database and allows the prescriber to personalize his workflow with on-the-fly, prescription defaults and customizable views of the patient's prescription history, including automatic date time stamps for each prescription event.

AXEIUM surescripts certified ePrescribe new Rx workflow