EHR Pricing


AXEIUM EHR Discount for Members of the Orange County Coalition of Community Clinics and Health Centers

* If you a member of a participating Community Health Center collective

... your monthly fees are discounted 50%

* If you are chartered as a 501(c)(3) community health center, thanks to contributions from United Healthcare, St Joseph Health System, the Orange County Healthcare Agency, and Kaiser Permanente

... your license fees are discounted to $1

AXEIUM EHR Discount is subsidized by grants from United Healthcare
AXEIUM EHR Discount is subsidized by grants from Orange County Health Care Agency
AXEIUM EHR Discount is subsidized by grants from St Joseph Health System
AXEIUM EHR Discount is subsidized by grants from Kaiser Permanente


Item Description Rate Notes
License Base license fee* $1 Perpetual use license is subject to ongoing maintenance and support.
Install Standard installation:
  Primary Care
  Behavioral Health

Turn-key install includes all of your site-specific setup, e.g.:   all forms configured for autofill and patient electronic signature capture;   electronic superbills and frequently used pick lists for ICD, CPT, CDT, and lab order codes;   all exam templates and workflow;   conversion of demographic and clinical data loaded from clinic-supplied C-CDA docs;   A/R reports, benefits schedule, and G/L interface;   provider and staff training, and 2-days of on-site go-live support.
Conversion Additional conversion of patients, demographics, financial history, and clinical data such as: images, documents, notes ... $0 - $50,000 If C-CDA documents are not available, and/or you would like additional conversion services, up to and including a full historical conversion of all data elements in your current system.   Conversion cost varies greatly from site to site, and is largely a function of the effort to pull data from your existing system.
Support & Maintenance Application support, administration and software maintenance updates* $2/Visit Approximately equal to your visit count, as reported annually on your UDS report, or state equivalent (e.g., OSHPD)
Instances Additional database instances, if necessary 50% Multi-site discount applies.
Remote Support Telephone, email, WebEx Included Eliminates the need for an on-site admin.   Includes all services, ranging from basic user setup and password reset to custom queries.
Onsite Support Development and and delivery of custom curriculum $1,400/day, plus travel Application training is included with every install, this service should not be necessary.
Custom Development Site specific modifications and interfaces $175/hour Per work order
Locations Physical or mobile, same service line, or different Included Unlimited
Providers Full time, part time, interns, students ... Included Unlimited

Notes & Disclaimers

  1. standard license fee for all modules is $125,000
  2. the minimum install cost is $5,000 and then minimum monthly subscription fee is $500
  3. you may be eligible for discounts based on volume, or if you are a member of participating collective
  4. additional transaction charges may be imposed by 3rd party vendors for optional subscription services, e.g., SMS appointment reminders
  5. integration fees may apply for optional interfaces, e.g., DEXIS or ROMEXIS dental radiography, and EYESCAPE retinal image capture
  6. an additional monthly subscription fee is required to transmit eRx on the Surescripts network and DIRECT messages on the Surescripts HISP network
  7. the patient portal is provided via integration to Microsoft HealthVault, for which there is currently no charge for either patient or provider
  8. prices subject to change without notice

Meaningful Use Disclosures

The AXEIUM EHR relies the following additional software to demonstrate compliance as an ONC 2014 certified complete EHR:   MDToolbox provides subscription services to the Surescripts prescription routing and HISP services, and Microsoft HealthVault provides the patient portal functionality

Transparency Attestation

It's your data, and with the exception of Surescript's fees for ePrescribe and DIRECT messaging, an eligible provider should incur no additional costs and/or limitations either to meet meaningful use objectives and measures or to achieve any other use within the scope of the Health IT Module’s certification.   In support of enhanced marketplace transparency and visibility into the costs and performance of certified health IT products and services, and the business practices of health IT developers, Brilogy hereby attests that it will provide in a timely manner, in plain writing, and in a manner calculated to inform, all of the information required to be disclosed under 45 CFR § 170.523(k)(1) to all persons that receive a quotation.